Jobs Under Banking and Finance

Here we will cover the job opportunities commerce has to offer under banking and finance.


Actuaries evaluate, manage and advise on financial risks. They apply their knowledge of business and economics, together with their understanding of probability theory, statistics and investment theory……Read More

Chartered Accountant

Chartered accountants provide trustworthy information about financial records. This might involve them in financial reporting, taxation…..Read More

Financial adviser

Financial advisers provide clients with advice on financial matters, making recommendations on ways to best utilise their money…Read More

Financial risk analyst

Financial risk analysts identify and analyse the areas of potential risk threatening the assets, earning capacity or success of organisations in the industrial…Read More

Tax adviser

A tax adviser uses their knowledge of tax legislation to provide advisory and consultancy services to clients, ensuring that they pay their taxes in the most efficient way and benefit from any tax advantages and exemptions….Read More

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